Thursday, June 05, 2008

The Annoying Computer & stuffs...

I have a new found hatred for my cousin's new computer (not too new la.. bout 4-5 months old).

Few weeks ago, the monitor just simply refused to display the right thing when the computer is booted up. When the monitor is first turned on, it would show able to detect VGA; which is correct... but after that... NOTHING!

So I did a quick test. I swap new monitor to old cpu. No problem. I swapped old monitor to new cpu. Nothing comes up. (Monitors using own cable @old monitor with old monitor's cable) Conclusion: Something wrong on cpu end @graphic card problem...?

I did not have the chance to tell my aunt (mother of my cousin) who had then rambled on the problem to my bro. Brother of mine came & without knowing I had tested, ran the same test. And he conluded the same thing.

So another aunt who helped purchased the computer (working in IT co), took cpu to her work place and got fellow technicians to test out. Days later.. she asked if we were pranking her as they had tested with few monitors.. all NO PROBLEM!!

So the cpu came home. Uncle/cousin hooked it up but still same problem. I tested, still the same. After word of advice, called up HP helpdesk for on-site assistance. The man came this morning.

Oh... That stooooooooooooooooooooooopid computer then worked. WTH!
He concluded it was due to socket not working. What socket not working? Prior to that, the monitor was able to be turned on but not displaying what it's suppose to what!?

Tonight when I came home from work, my cousin told me... the monitor gila again. LOL.. The SAME PROBLEM again!!

I think it's not the socket problem la.
To make matters worse... the router also got problem now.
Yesterday, the router was not working on socket 1, so I plug it to socket 2 (which was that new monitor's socket). This morning, the man unplug the router plug from socket 2 and plugged in the new monitor (which then worked and died again :b). Ever since then, unable to get the router back up. The router plug problem, I believe. It's legs have been stretched. I would say it's uncompatible since it came home but nobody seemed to have bothered. Tried jamming it in the socket couple of times but still fail to get electricity flowing in, thus a un-powered router...

So instead of having 1 problem... Now we have 2 problems. All cause of that darn new computer! Argh!!!

Anyone know how to fix that damn computer?? ;b

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